Table Grape (Vitis vibifera)



Table grapes are the most important farm crop at Ecosac. We started grape production back in 2004, starting with production trials in Piura, and in 2006 we launched our first exports. By the 2014 season, we will have approximately 850 Ha planted, with an estimated production of 800 containers.

With seeded varieties, basically represented by the Red Globe, which is at the moment most of our production; and with seedless varieties, represented mainly by the Crimson, Thompson and Sugra One. Additionally, Ecosac produces other varieties of seedless grape, which are either on a commercial phase or at a trial stage.

We plan to grow in seedless grape production, wherever we believe has the most commercial potential for the future. We will continue trying new varieties, in order to have a varied supply with which to satisfy the need of all the different markets we source. Regarding packaging, we continue to keep a close watch on the market, to be up to date with all the different presentations required by our clients.

Today, Ecosac reaches more than 40 different countries worldwide, shipping directly from Paita Port. Our mission, after a rigorous and careful farm process, is to reach our clients with top quality grape and a very long shelf life.


4.5 kg box Carton box  Clamshells
8.2 kg box Plastic box Punnets
9.0 kg box Wooden box Plastic bags

Product Availability

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