Piquillo Pepper (Capsicum anuum)



Piquillo pepper is a sweet pepper used for canning, which seduces due to to its intense red color. We began this crop in mid-2002, with an area of 30 Ha. That same year, a canning plant was built, and ever since we have been increasing our production area, parallel to the growth in demand for our products. Today we have approximately 300 Ha in production.

We only grow one variety, the Spanish Piquillo, which we produce in several presentations, such as whole and in strips. We use both, glass jars and tin cans.

It is exported from the port of Paita towards Europe, specifically Spain, reaching our clients with excellent quality, in strict compliance to international standards.


Products Description
Extra (whole) First grade whole pepper
Strips Long strips and small cuts
Broken whole First grade whole pepper, with a small degree of cracks y skin damage
Pepper Salad  Pepper strips combined with sweet onion
Envases latas Envases frascos
8.5 can 460 ml glass jar
A5 can 370 ml glass jar
15 oz can 315 ml glass jar
7 oz can

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