Avocado (Persea americana)


During the year 2010 we began cultivating avocados. This crop, fast growing in Peru, is mainly farmed in latitudes further south than Piura. Our initial intentions, as always, were to test the viability of the cultivar from a productive standpoint, which is why we first planted 45 Ha, which were harvested in 2012. Between 2012 and 2013, an additional 105 Ha were planted, completing, in this way a total of 150 Ha of has avocado. We are succeeding in improving sizes, and reaching a harvesting window between late March and late April. Furthermore, we also have Zutano and Ettinger; these green skin varieties we use as pollinizers.

Our goal is that avocados become one of our main fresh products. In order to achieve this, we shall use our commercial platform, consolidated already thanks to our table grape exports, which reach the most important world markets.


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