Shrimp (Pennaeus vanamei)


Ecosac begins its story with shrimp farming in the year 2000. At first with a test on a small pool, formerly used for tilapia farming, in an area close to the river. After many more trials with successful results, we began a long process of growth and learning.

Today we have over 500 Ha of pools that produce nearly 4,500 Metric Tons of whole shrimp every year. Starting in 2015, our product will be processed in our own frozen seafood plant, located only minutes away of our production area, which guarantee’s freshness and good quality.


Shell On 4 y 5 lbs. boxes / 50 lbs. masters
P&D, BTO, BTR 4 y 5 lbs. boxes / 50 lbs. masters
Products Description
Tail Shell – On Beheaded and frozen in block
P&D tail on IQF Peeled and deveined with tail, quick individual freezing
P&D tail off IQF Peeled and deveined without tail, quick individual freezing
BTO (Butterfly) Peeled tail, with a deep slitting cut
BTR (Butter round) Peeled tail, with a medium depth, slitting cut
EZ Peel Tail and shell, with a slitting cut

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