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15/Jun/2015 ECOSAC is awarded good labor practices prize

The Peruvian Ministry of Labour conducted the ceremony for the 2014 Good Working Practices Awards, which aims to recognize the companies that are national role models in defense, respect and promotion of the fundamental rights of every worker.

The contest evaluates the best and more creative practices in terms of corporate social responsibility (CSR), promotion and defense of fundamental labour rights and an appropriate working environment that generates higher levels of productivity.

The jury was composed by the Minister of Labour and Employment Promotion, the Vice Minister of Labour, the Vice Minister for Employment and Labor Training, a representative of the business sector and a representative of workers.

ECOSAC, won the first place in the category “Worker´s Attention Channel and his participation in the Company Management” with our project: “Cultivating communication in the field”, in which we formed teams of communication facilitators to strengthen the communication strategies with our collaborators in our fields, being this the basis of a smooth, timely and effective communication between employees and the Company.

It is privilege to be considered a national role model company, which in turn corroborates that we are following the right path, contributing to the growth and welfare of our employees, our community and our country.

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