Sustainable Approach


Here in Ecosac, we are very much aware of the social responsibility we have with our country, which is why we look for ways to contribute with the development and welfare, not just of our employees, but also of the nearby communities, next to our area of influence.

Health Dental Care Under an agreement made with the Chapaira Healthcare Center, we equipped and implemented a dental care facility and hired a professional to carry out health campaigns, in order to promote good oral health habits among the locals “A pretty smile” Campaign With the goal of promoting good oral health habits, we carry out workshops specifically targeted towards the children in the daycares and schools in Chapaira. In such workshops children are trained on brushing techniques, given an oral diagnosis; while mothers and caregivers are also informed about oral hygiene. Operation SMILE Ecosac donated the surgery for three children with mouth malformations such as labial and palatal fisula, commonly known as harelip and cleft palate.
Education Folk Dancing Workshops Dancing workshops are imparted to alumni from the early years of if the Chapaira school, with the objective of strengthening and preserving our heritage. “Opening a door in Chapairá” Project Along with the support of the volunteers from the “College Students for the World”, a social project from the University of Piura, and with the goal of instilling values in the children of Chapaira, we have been giving theoretical and practical workshops in the local Chapaira School, ever since 2011. Project Wawa Wasi (Daycare project) It seeks to offer an integral health, nutrition, early learning, and safety infrastructure and service to 120 local children in Chapaira, between the ages of 6 and 35 months, whose parents need to work during the day. It also seeks to promote, within the township, communal management and strengthen their communal capabilities. Agreements with Local Government In order to guarantee the quality and efficiency of these projects, Ecosac signed a Cooperation Agreement between the National Wawa Wasi (Daycare) Program, from the Social Development Ministry and the Piura Municipal Government.
Sports Sports Academy in Chapaira ECOSAC built a multi sports field in Chapaira, in order to promote sport practices and healthy fun among our children and youth. To take full advantage of the field, we work together with the Mariano Melgar Sports Committee from Chapaira, and implemented the Sports Academy, that currently teaches football soccer, volleyball and basketball classes for children.
Construction of new classrooms in the Chapaira School We fully support upgrading the infrastructure of our schools, and have built two new prefabricated classrooms for children between the ages of 4 and 5 years, in the Chapaira Early School N° 054, which contribute to increase the number of alumni enrolled, by improving their education with a proper facilities. Periodical Maintenance of the Santa Ana – Tambogrande Highway, between Piura and La Obrilla With the support of other local companies, Ecosac has been a strong promoter to towards the building of this new highway. Through monthly contributions to the Management Committee of this project, along with logistics and machinery, we helped to provide a safe highway.
Town fumigations These campaigns as basic as they may seem, have a significant effect in the local population, reason why they are very well coordinated with the local representatives of the Ministry of Health.
Donations and contributions according to the community´s priorities. Christmas Chocolate Party Every year, the company organizes chocolate Christmas parties for children in the town of Chapaira, hosted in the local Schools N°056, N°14120, Daycares and the NGO “Asociacion por la vida”. The children are given toys, peneton (a local bread cake), candy and milk chocolate, and most importantly, they spend a joyful moment. CASVI Foundation In accordance with a “Cooperation Agreement with the CASVI Foudation – Piura”, Ecosac contributed to implement a bakery and tailor shop, build a warehouse and bathrooms for the Foundation, which benefits the whole of Castilla´s population, by giving them a way for more income. Panetones (Bread cake) Donations In order to support the Non-profit Institutions that help the children and homeless elderly, Ecosac donates bread cakes during Christmas time to institutions such as: Santa Rosa Home, CASVI Foundation, San Juan de Dios Elderly Home, Jesus Nazareno Special Education Center, Christ´s Home – Piura, Association Pro-Life HIV-AIDS, The Anita Goulden Home and the Sisters for the Elderly Homeless.