Sustainable Approach


When we began doing aquaculture and agriculture in this part of the desert, we realized that after the people, the most important thing is the ecosystem in which we intended to develop our project.

Water is our most precious resource, since it is vital for the development of all the activities we practice. We find ourselves in the middle of a desert which is now watered by the Piura river, specifically by water brought by the Poechos Reservoir through the Chira-Piura Channel. Water used for the shrimp farming, once going through the cycle, is returned to the river, and part of it is utilized for ours crops, practice which is well within our rights.

On the other hand, we have an important degree of integration with the local fauna. Shrimping activity attracts many bird species, which become part of our ecosystem, as they are provided with space to live, and even with enough food to reproduce.

Among the most common species found in our lands, we have hawks and eagles, nearby the vineyards. These play an important role in the care of our grape, as they prey on other smaller birds that feed from the grape bunches. It is a common sight to see owls lurking outside their self-made caves, along the channel banks. Their main source of food are lizards and rodents from the surroundings.

The area with the most presence of birds is the shrimping farm, were we can find numerous species of cranes and storks, that feed on the different sources of food that the activity itself generates, such as small fish that grow alongside the shrimps in the pools.

Cultivation, harvesting, production and commercialization of products, considering the interaction of the activities of shrimp, vegetable and fruit crops, shrimp processing, vegetable canned and fruit packing, including maintenance activities and purchases of materials for processing and packaging of the final product, with support processes in the areas of Maintenance, Logistics, Human Resources and Administrative Processes

Educating about Ecology Project "Chapaira, I want you green" This project consists on having children from the local school, Institucion Educativa Inicial N° 14120, along with their parents and teachers, plant 50 neem trees within the grounds of their school, in order to promote sensibility and care for the environment.