IMS Policies

ECOSAC, pathfinder companies at the north of Peru, which integrate Aquaculture and Agriculture production, freezing of seafood products, canning of vegetables and fruits and packing of fresh fruits with the purpose of satisfy needs of their customers and consumers by supplying product which fulfill entirely their requirements.

In ECOSAC we are engaged with:

1. To improve continuously our processes by applying criteria of food safety, quality, innovation and functionality, fulfilling with requirements of certified standards by our companies and the legal requirements in force.

2. Prevent contamination and preserve the environment by means of controlling and mitigating the risks and environment impacts.

3. Act within a framework of responsibility, integrity and respect for the people, institutions and environment, promoting a continuous improvement which contribute to sustainable development of our stakeholders.

4. Include in our processes preventive measures against illegal activities like narcotics traffic, terrorism and smuggling.

5. Promote a preventive culture on labor risks with the purpose of providing a safe and healthy ambient to our collaborators.