Mission Statement

To satisfy the needs of our consumers and improve the living standards of our clients by offering them quality products, via the production, process and export of agricultural, aquacultural and agroindustrial products; and simultaneously contributing to the development of our associates, suppliers, distributors and our country.

Vision Statement

To be a production and marketing company of agricultural, aquacultural and agroindustrial goods, leading in both, national and international markets, which is characterized by the compliance of high quality standards, constant innovation in our processes, and the protection of our natural environment, always keeping a high service vocation, transparency, team work and the responsibility to satisfy the needs of our customers.

Corporate Values


Acting always transparently in order to deserve the trust awarded to us by our clients, associates and community.


Committed, with our natural environment and surroundings, in job creation and sustainability, working each day towards our continuous improvement.


Provide wealth, in the best possible way, by using our all of our resources rationally and efficiently.


We characterize ourselves by working in a different, unique and unparalleled way, because we dare to do things nobody has done before.