Our People

There could be no products, and there could be no Company, without the hard work of our people.

ECOSAC was born on a desert, hardly 10km away from the city of Piura. Most of our people, who came to work with us since the beginning, came from close-by communities. Today, we give work to nearly 5,000 people, most of them while in times of intense farm activity during the year. Having different crops and cultivars, each with different needs and timetables, means we are able to provide stable work, almost all year round. Which makes Ecosac a very attractive workplace alternative.

Our commitment to our people is coherent with our commitment to our clients. Such service can only be provided when people work free of external worries, happy and comfortable with their job. This is why we are constantly concerned for their welfare, as much as their families, which we do though several Social Programs focused mainly in education, nutrition and health.